December 6 – 12: Song of Youth Birthday Event

Happy birthday, Nikki! December 6th is Nikki's birthday, and to celebrate, the Song of Youth suit is being given out for free! Simply...

December 5 – 11: Dream Showcase Pavilion and Recharge Suit

From December 5th 5:00 LNST to December 11th 23:59 LNST, the Diamond Dreamland recharge suit will be available, along with the world debut Dream...

November 25 – December 1: Butterfly Mystery

The great show Twin Butterfly has come to Miraland!Travel back to Old Shanghai with Nikki from after the update on November 25th to...

UPCOMING Chapter 17

It’s once again time to journey with Nikki! On November 25th, Chapter 17 will be released after the update, which runs from 04:45 LNST...
event guides

October 26 – November 1 Sail of Hunt, Sea of Joy

October 16 – 22 Ghost Candle

October 6 – 12 Honeymoon Holyland Round 5

September 28 – October 3 Art of War – Wonderland

September 25 – October 12 Art of War – Will of War

September 14 – 20 Yokai World

September 4 – 10 Fairy Tale Bottle

game updates

April 11: Time Diary and Time Yard added, game mechanic updates. Roundup post here!

March 21: Chapter 13 added, game mechanic updates.

February 28: Home System added, game mechanic updates.

January 31: Association Chapter 4 added, game mechanic updates. Full update information here.

November 30: Chapter 12 is added, new and old suits are added, and the Starry Corridor is introduced. Roundup post available here.

October 26: Interstellar event begins, old event suits return to crafting and clothes store, new clothing added to various stores, Story Suits introduced to the Achievements gallery. Roundup post available here.

September 28: Chapter 11 added, Star Secret Event begins, old event suits return to crafting and clothes store, new outfits added. A roundup post is available for more info.

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