April 11 – 17: Ultimate Race

The Miraland off-road race kicks off! The Ultimate Race is coming to Miraland from April 11 05:00 LNST through April 17 23:59 LNST. The...

March 31 – April 9: Moon Chaser

If Vernal Verse wasn't festive enough for you, another event suit is here! The Moon Chaser event will run from March 31th 5:00 LNST to...

March 31 – April 6: Vernal Verse

Easter has arrived in Miraland! From March 31st 5:00 LNST to April 6th 23:59 LNST, spring brings on the Vernal Verse event. The Vernal...

March 21 – 27: Melody of Stars & Animal Suits Recharge Event

From March 21st 5:00 LNST to March 27th 23:59 LNST, Melody of Stars will be available as a recharge set. At the same time, 3 previous...
event guides

April 11 – April 17: Ultimate Race

March 31 – April 9: Moon Chaser

March 31 – April 6: Vernal Verse

March 21 – March 27: Void Singer

March 10 – March 17: Firework Fair

game updates

April 11: Time Diary and Time Yard added, game mechanic updates. Roundup post here!

March 21: Chapter 13 added, game mechanic updates.

February 28: Home System added, game mechanic updates.

January 31: Association Chapter 4 added, game mechanic updates. Full update information here.

November 30: Chapter 12 is added, new and old suits are added, and the Starry Corridor is introduced. Roundup post available here.

October 26: Interstellar event begins, old event suits return to crafting and clothes store, new clothing added to various stores, Story Suits introduced to the Achievements gallery. Roundup post available here.

September 28: Chapter 11 added, Star Secret Event begins, old event suits return to crafting and clothes store, new outfits added. A roundup post is available for more info.

site updates

April 4: Visit our new Housing Guide!

February-March: Lore updated for chapters 11-12, we’ve introduced a Starry Corridor guide, and you can now preview all dressing room Backgrounds before you buy!

December 3: Our servers have been upgraded to handle even more traffic – hopefully no more 404s during new events!

November-December (ongoing): The website gets a redesign on desktop and mobile from our wonderful Sanitee!

September 20: Our Lore section kicks off with character pages! Plenty of features, including lookbooks, character summaries, and gorgeous page designs.

August 31: Decomposition & Reconstruction Guide has been added; several guides are now grouped under the “Gameplay” submenu in the navigation bar; homepage now separates Site Updates and Game Updates.

August 24: We’ve moved to a new host server! Main domain has changed from lovenikkiworld.com to lovenikki.world; site is being reconstructed.

why donate

Love Nikki World is a community-based project that has grown far more than any of us could have imagined! As such, we sometimes experience lag on our servers when a lot of people access the site (usually during events). We need YOUR help so we can upgrade to better hosting and continue to provide information to the community! Every little bit helps, even if it’s just a few dollars here and there. Thank you~

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