From June 5 05:00 to June 11 23:59, a girl named Starlet will appear!

Starlet has the ability to read zodiac and fate. Each day, you go to the event page and select your Zodiac and Starlet will give you your lucky number for the day. Your number will have a task attached to it you can complete for additional gold.

There are five types of tasks you may find.

  • SKILL Use the given skill in stages, you must actually compete in the stage, the “done” option will not work for this task!
  • ACT Clear any stage containing the specified number. If she tells you to clear any stage in ACT with number 4, you would go to Chapter 4 and complete any stage!
  • STAGE Clear stages containing the number she gives you. If she gives you 7, clear stages (regardless of chapter) with the number 7. Like 1-7, 2-7, etc.
  • TAG Compete with clothes with a certain tag, like “Apron,” “European,” etc. You do not have to pass the stage to get this reward! Just use the clothes that have your given tag!
  • SCORE Complete any stage in which your score contains the number she gives you. If she gives you 8, find a stage where you have a score like 82356, 38353, 40863, etc!

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