The Ball Under Moon event has begun! It will run from June 16 05:00 until June 22 23:59!

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Apple - Deer Elf Suit

Pigeon - Nightly Spirit Suit

How to play

During the event, there will be a special event map called “Moonlight Flower.” You can get Moonlight Flowers by clearing stages in the event map. The higher your score is, the more Moonlight Flowers you will gain.

Deer Elf

“Moonlight Flowers” can be used to exchange the primary parts of Deer Elf set. The epic parts can be gained via evolution in Recipe Workshop. After collecting all epic parts, you will complete the set achievement.

Nightly Spirit

After collecting a certain amount of Moonlight Flowers, you can claim recipes for Nightly Spirit. To attain the set, you need to craft it in Recipe Workshop.

Another way to get Moonlight Flowers

During this event, there will be an accumulative consumption as well. Spend a certain amount of diamonds to receive Moonlight Flowers, gold and Stamina! There will be 3030 Moonlight Flowers, 150,000 Gold and 799 Stamina in total!

Ball Under Moon

Meet you on June 16th

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