The next Festival event will be the Moon Festival, and will run from July 7 05:00 to July 13 23:59. You will be able to craft the Luna Angel suits during this event.

The event will be fairly simple, but will require a lot of gold for crafting and stamina for collecting Moon Knots. The recipes for the suit pieces will be sent via in-game mail (yay free recipes!!), and Moon Knots will drop from all stages (Maiden and Princess) at random. You can find the crafting requirements in-game with Momo’s Guide, or on our Luna Angel completion guide.

Some things to note if you’re concerned about whether you’ll have enough stamina to collect all the Moon Knots you need:

  • One day recharges 288 stamina (24 hours in every day; 12 stamina points every hour; 12 x 24 = 288 stamina).
  • You can obtain 90 stamina from daily rewards, not counting the extra 30 on weekends.
  • Daily quest stamina rewards gives 20 + 6 + 6 = 32. (You can get an extra 12 stamina for giving your friends hearts.)
  • Excluding association and VIP gift boxes, Styling Contest rewards, and friend-associated stamina, every day we can get 410 stamina. In total for six days, including two weekend days, you can at least get 410×6+30×2=2520 stamina. This is enough for 420 attempts of Princess stage or 630 attempts of Maiden. Even if the drop rate is as low as one in seven, using all the stamina on Maiden stages is definitely enough for at least one free set.

The following parts of the event were included in the Vietnamese and Chinese versions of the game, but have not been confirmed to be included in Love Nikki.

It is also likely there will be Moon Knots rewarded for using Diamonds during the event period, so be sure to save some Diamonds as well! You will receive these rewards by spending diamonds on things like the Mystery Pavilion, purchasing additional Stamina and/or Gold, and purchasing things with Diamonds from the Clothes Store.

  • Use 88 diamonds to receive 5 Moon Knots and 20,000 Gold.
  • Use 388 diamonds to receive 10 Moon Knots and 20 Star Coins.
  • Use 688 Diamond to receive 15 Moon Knots and 60,000 Gold.
  • Use 1188 diamonds to receive 20 Moon Knots and 100,000 Gold.
  • Use 1788 Diamond to receive 30 Moon Knots and 80 Star Coins.

There will also be rewards for those who are members of a Stylist Association. The total number of Moon Knots collected by all members of the Association will be added together, and all members of the Association will be able to claim the rewards from the Events menu as each threshold is met.

  • Collect 10 Moon Knots to receive 500 Gold and 30 Stamina.
  • Collect 20 Moon Knots to receive 6,000 Gold and 5 Association Coins.
  • Collect 1,000 Moon Knots to receive 5 Diamonds and 40 Stamina.
  • Collect 1,400 Moon Knots to receive 8,000 Gold and 10 Diamonds.
  • Collect 1,900 Moon Knots to receive 9,000 Gold and 10 Association Coins.

EDIT: The above events from the Vietnamese and Chinese versions have not been included in LN, and have been crossed out accordingly.

Info from the Vietnamese and Chinese versions of the game, translated by the LNW team.




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