From July 14th 5:00 to July 16th 23:59, the drop rate of items from Princess Chapters 5 and 6 will be doubled, and the gold dropped from Princess Chapter 3 stages will also be doubled! In addition, Starlight Coin rewards are doubled in the Stylist’s Arena.

For your benefit, below is a list of possibly helpful stages to farm for Princess items useful in crafting. You can also look up items in our Ingredients guide to see what a specific item is used for. In parentheses, you will find what suit the item can ultimately be used to craft.

Chapter 5

5-1: Maple Ninja (Stripe Gentleman, Ink Wash Painting), Fashion Pioneer-Boy (Northern Soldier, Ink Orchid, Stunning Beauty)

5-2: Vanilla Milkshake (Ink Orchid)

5-3: Forging Ahead (currently unknown recipe)

5-4: Marine Flower (British Plaid Brown), Azure Flower (Ink Orchid)

5-5: Orchid Dream (Stunning Beauty)

5-6: Cowgirl (Lily Fairy, Sword Girl, Maple Leaf, Beautiful Agent)

5-7: Sweet Chocolate (Star Sea, Lily Fairy), Manor Flower (Ink Orchid)

5-8: Red Cloak (Realized Dream, Lily Fairy)

5-9: Denim Scarf (Stunning Beauty)

5-10: Lotus Pendant (Ink Orchid, Northern Soldier, Stunning Beauty)

5-11: Red Apron (Stripe Gentleman)

5-12: Reindeer Hat (Light Fairy, Stunning Beauty)

5-S1: Sapphire Sea (Northern Soldier, Sword Girl)

5-S2: Denim Earrings (currently unknown recipe)

5-S3: Oceanic (Star Sea)

Chapter 6

6-1: Oceanic Pearl (Star Sea)

6-2: Orchid Love (currently unknown recipe)

6-3: Maiden Neck (Hibernation)

6-4: Blood Satin (Sword Girl, Stunning Beauty)

6-5: Swaying Willow (Maple Leaf, Future Space)

6-6: Fairy Tale (Maple Leaf)

6-7: Flower Fall (Diving Carp, Sword Girl)

6-8: Leather Shoes (Queen of Deer Elf, Star Sea)

6-9: Housemaid Cuff (The Purest Heart, Star Sea)

6-10: Shore Flower (Assassin, Northern Soldier, Sword Girl)

6-11: Full Bloom (Star Sea)

6-S1: Phalaenopsis (Stunning Beauty)

6-S2: Lotus Pendant (Northern Soldier, Ink Orchid)

6-S3: Warbler Whisper (currently unknown recipe)

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