Love Nikki was updated on July 27 at 5:00AM server time (UTC -8), completed approximately 5:47AM server time. Below is a summary of the updates.

Game Updates-Permanent

  • Wardrobe has increased from 2757 items to 2963 items.
  • New suits have been added to the Achievement Gallery:
    • Seven Nations-Apple: Tender Puppy, Jingle Kitty, Mori Girl (already in-game but set was missing in gallery)
    • Seven Nations-Lilith: Heart of Miracles
    • Seven Nations-Cloud: Lingering Butterfly, Response to Crane
    • Seven Nations-Pigeon: Ice Blue Rose, Sanctity Angel, Pastoral Pearl, Stygian Death
    • Festivals: Sweet Love, The Wonderland
    • Happiness: Destined Fate, Childlike Love
  • Voice dubbing has been added for Chapters 4-6.
  • More beginner’s guides have been added to various parts of the game (e.g. Stylist Arena, Competition). These can be accessed by pressing the pink “?” symbol in the upper right corner.
  • Two Stylist Arena themes have been renamed:
    • Delicate Beauty –> Intern Translator
    • Peerless Beauty –> Cloud Lady
  • Various translation changes, including Stylist Arena theme descriptions. “Raspberry Rock” suit has been re-named “Berry Powder Shaken”.
  • Various bug fixes.

Game Updates-Time Limited

  • Honeymoon Holyland map has been added. More information found here.
  • New packs have been added to the User Gift Shop:
    • 0.99 USD Gift Pack 1: 60 stamina, 100 diamond, Lucky Shawl, 30 VIP EXP. Limit: 1
    • 0.99 USD Gift Pack 2: 1 Fantasy Ticket, 100 diamond, Light Shallow Sky, 30 VIP EXP. Limit: 1
    • 15.99 USD Ring Pack: 365 Oath Rings, 1200 VIP EXP. Limit: 4
  • The Wonderland recharge suit has been added. Recharge any amount of diamonds to obtain The Wonderland suit, received through your mailbox after purchase. Packs do not count.

Happy styling!

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