On August 4th, two new suits will be available for free!

One suit is the Ice Blue Rose suit. The other suit is currently a mystery, but the developers have indicated that 1) the difference between this suit and any former suits is very obvious, 2) it contains a very special part, and 3) it has been commonly requested by players. The other suit has been confirmed to be the Youth Storm suit.

How to Obtain


  • For the Ice Blue Rose suit, play Maiden 1-1. The Youth Storm suit timer begins once the Ice Blue Rose timer completes and you claim that suit. If it does not appear, play Maiden 1-6 to attempt to trigger it. Our team has not found this necessary, but there have been a handful of reports in the community in which this has been the case.
  • You must play through the stage fully to obtain the suits. You cannot click “Done 1”.
  • You can obtain this suit with any score. We have obtained a suit with an F.
  • Once the suits are unlocked, there is a countdown timer before the suits can actually be claimed. The Ice Blue suit takes 10 minutes; the Youth Storm suit takes 24 hours. Once the countdown timer runs out, click on the claim box on the main screen to obtain your suit.
  • Enjoy!

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