The game underwent server maintenance on August 9th 5:00 server time, and was reopened at approximately 6:30. The new patch contains the following changes to the game:


  • Chapter 10 has been added.
  • Corridor of Clock has been added to the Mystery House.
  • For diamond packs purchased, you will receive double the diamonds. This applies whether or not you have received this bonus before.
  • Wardrobe has been expanded from 2976 to 3098 items.
  • New outfits have been added:
    • Apple: Magic Star, Youth Melody, Vintage Lady
    • Cloud: Bamboo Pavilion
    • Pigeon: Mask Feast
    • North: Army Major
    • Wasteland: Tribe Totem
  • 28 recipes have been added to the arena Exchange shop.

Time Limited

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