Between August 15th and August 21st, the Sweet Love set will be available through a welfare event. Gifty, the orange bird-like creatures seen during stylist battles, will host this event.

To participate in the event, look through the main Journey stages (any chapter, Maiden or Princess) to find Gifty, who will be holding a lamp. Click on them to light their lamp, which will 1) increase your light count and 2) grant a small gift of stamina or gold. As a hint, each Journey stage will show a counter of “Lanterns lit: x/y”. This means that there are a total of “y” Gifty on the current stage, and you have lit lanterns for “x” number of Gifty.

Each Gifty can have their lamp lit 5 times per day. In total, you can light Gifty’s lamp 15 times per day for free; more lighting attempts can be purchased at 9 diamonds per play afterward. In order to complete the full set, the lamp must be lit 75 times, so the set is completely achievable for free.

Claim rewards from the event tab once you have lit the lamp a specified number of times.

Light Count Reward
6 Bean Paste Washing + 2016 gold
15 Tender Honey + 30 stamina
25 Wagashi + 5000 gold
36 Red Bean + 50 stamina
48 Trees & Flowers + 8000 gold
60 Sweet Dumplings + 80 stamina
75 Red-bean Rice Ball + 10000 gold

Happy styling!


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