From August 25th 5:00 to August 27th 23:59, the drop rate of items from Princess Chapters 1 and 7 will be doubled, and the gold dropped from Princess Chapter 8 stages will also be doubled! In addition, Starlight Coin rewards are doubled in the Stylist Arena.

For your benefit, below is a list of possibly helpful stages to farm for Princess items useful in crafting. You can also look up items in our Ingredients guide to see what a specific item is used for.  In parentheses, you will find what suit (or specific item, if it’s not part of a suit) the item can ultimately be used to craft.

Chapter 1

1-1: Cutie (Western Dancer)

1-2: Housemaid (Angel in White, Star Sea, White Swan)

1-3: Maple Ninja Lady (Romeo, Sacred Doctor)

1-5: Housemaid (Angel in White, Star Sea, White Swan)

1-6: Ghost Flower (Witch’s Scarf)

1-9: Little Red Riding Hood (Black Swan, Star Sea)

Chapter 7

7-1: Cherry Earrings-Small (Ink Wash Painting, Dragon Maiden)

7-2: Manor Flower (Ink Orchid)

7-3: Azure Flower (Ink Orchid)

7-4: Wide Hat (Assassin’s Faith, Northern Soldier, Tribe Totem)

7-5: Warbler Whisper (currently unknown recipe)

7-6: Seafarer-Blue (Assassin’s Faith, Future Space, Northern Soldier)

7-7: Leather Shoes (Queen of Deer Elf, Star Sea, Tribe Totem)

7-8: Maple (Realized Dream, Spring Camellia, Star Sea, Youth Melody)

7-9: Rainy Season (Assassin’s Faith, Future Space, Northern Soldier)

7-S1: Oceanic Pearl (Star Sea)

7-S2: Fashion Pioneer-Boy (Northern Soldier, Ink Orchid, Stunning Beauty, Magic Star)

7-S3: Oceanic (Star Sea)

7-S4: First Bloom (Lily Fairy, Star Sea)

7-S5: Seashore Hat-Brown (Northern Soldier)


We hope that you find this guide post useful in your game quests/projects. Happy styling, and get rich!


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