So far today we have observed three four possible time-limited boxes! Based on our observations, it seems to be a chain reaction style event.

If you have not purchased any packs in the chain yet, you are presented with a new $0.99 pack for purchase today!


If you purchased Lilian Rabbit for $0.99 on day one but you did not purchase Red Shoes for $4.99 on day two, you have the option of a new $4.99 pack today!

If you did not purchase the Lilian Rabbit pack on day one, but purchased yesterday’s $0.99 pack, you have the option to purchase the Red Shoes pack for $4.99 today!

If you have purchased every time-limited pack so far (Lilian Rabbit $0.99, followed by Red Shoes $4.99), you have the option to purchase Jade Brocade for $9.99!

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