Today brings us more 24-hour packs, including a previous one! Currently, it seems that all players will have a shot to get every pack, regardless of purchase history.
If our speculation holds true, you do not have to purchase a pack to gain access to the next. Instead, you need to wait until you’ve seen each 24 hour pack of a given price before you will see the higher price packs.

For example: You can purchase the Red Shoes set to unlock purchasing Jade Brocade. If you choose not to, you need to wait to unlock the next tier.

If you have not purchased any packs in the chain yet, you will be presented with the $4.99 Red Shoes pack for purchase.

If you purchased your $4.99 pack on Sept. 2, you have the option to purchase the $9.99 Jade Brocade pack today!

If you purchased the packs every day, you will see a $15.99 pack today. The pack contains two sets: Flower Tale and Cosmos Tide!

If you purchased the $0.99 Lilian Rabbit on Day 1, but skipped Red Shoes and the alternative $4.99 pack, you’ll get another $4.99 option today!

If you purchased all sets but skipped Jade Brocade on Sept. 2, you have an alternative $9.99 set today!


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