Hello, fellow Miralandians! We’re kicking off our first stylist contest today!

The LoveNikkiWorld team is proud to partner with Sweet Cupcake Industries. Sweet Cupcake created a Stylist Search on Nikki’s Info that allows you to search by color! Pretty sweet if I do say so myself.

But here at LoveNikkiWorld, we like a little spice, too. What does that mean for you?


Oh yes, Nikkis. We are giving away not one, but two $10USD giftcards. How’s that for spicy?

Entries will be accepted 9/5 at the time of posting until 9/8 23:59 Love Nikki Standard Time, or LNST. On 9/9 05:00 LNST, we will open up a poll for the community to vote for their favorite outfits. The poll will last until 9/10 23:59 LNST. A staff favorite will also be chosen. Winners will be notified on 9/11!

Head on down to our Facebook page for the full scoop and to enter the contest. Be sure to like us along the way to be first in line for future contests!

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