“Once a year, magpies will form a bridge in the sky and lead a couple to meet…”

The Cloud Valentine event has begun on September 7th! It is running until September 13th and features two sets: Lonely Valentine’s Night and Silver Wish. The event is score-based, with set pieces unlocked at certain reward tiers. You can find our event guide here or in the main menu!

Additionally, we are receiving a Diamond Consumption event – spend diamonds to get prizes of stamina, gold, and most importantly, Wish Knots! The reward tiers is as follows:

Diamonds Spent Reward
100 diamonds 10 Wish Knots
400 diamonds 40 Wish Knots + 8 stamina
800 diamonds 90 Wish Knots + 12 000 gold
1200 diamonds 210 Wish Knots + 38 stamina
1800 diamonds 350 Wish Knots + 30 000 gold
2400 diamonds 500 Wish Knots + 50 000 gold + 88 stamina

Best of luck with the event!

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