Gather round, stylists, we’ve got a special announcement for you!

Recently, LoveNikkiWorld has been expanding faster than Momo’s demands for grilled fish! We’ve been working hard on building and improving guides, expanding our database, and compiling all sorts of info. Now, we’re super excited to introduce a new section to our site: lore!

What, did you think this was just a dress-up game? Trust us, you don’t want to miss out; exciting things are coming to the story real soon! If you’ve skipped over all the plot in the pursuit of the pretty…well, we can’t blame you. We know the feeling. But you’ve got no excuse now!

Right now, our Lore section contains character profiles for eight main characters in Love Nikki. They even come with full-body models! Take a look through their pages for fun facts, what they wear, and what they’ve designed. Even Momo has a lookbook!

Also, to commemorate our new section, we are releasing character cards made by our very own team! Over the weekend, cards will be released for each character across our Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter. No two sites will post the same card, so follow them all to collect all eight of them! (Hm? You’re not a collector? Don’t lie, we see your wardrobe counts!)

This is just the beginning. Our Lore will soon be filled with more information on Nikki’s journey, of Miraland…for all you artists, storytellers, and all other stylists out there, you’ll definitely find something for you! Check it out often, and look forward to our future releases!

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