Love Nikki was updated on September 28th at 5:00AM LNST, completed approximately 6:09AM LNST. Below is a summary of the updates.


  • Chapter 11 has been released.
  • Wardrobe has expanded from 3273 to 3472 items.
  • The following sets have been added to the Achievements gallery:
    • Apple: Picking Strawberry, Oil Painter
    • Lilith: Song of Night Sky
    • Pigeon: Lightly Dancing Butterfly, Royal Elegance, Crane Berry, Yanila Pirate
    • Wasteland: Star Priest
    • Troupe: Soul Requiem, Sanctity Aria
    • Stars: Moon Vixen, Golden Dragon
  • Mirage Karma can be bought as a background for Free Dress.
  • The User Shop now features the Diamond Shop, where packs can be bought with diamonds. It currently features the Gold Pack (S) and Gold Pack (M).
  • The Clothes Store now sells pieces of Satiroth’s Sheep and Rabbits and Camellias, found in the Rare tab.
  • 32 recipes have been added to the Recipe store.
  • Various bug and translation fixes.


  • Spetember 28-October 4: Star Secret Event
  • September 28-October 4: User Shop now includes Star Box and Star Chest.
  • September 28-???: Song of Night Sky is available thorugh diamond recharge.

Happy styling!

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