A new event has been announced! The Soul Requiem event will run from October 8th 05:00 LNST to October 12th 23:59 LNST. It features the Soul Requiem and Sanctity Aria sets.

Playing the event requires collecting, evolving, and customizing pieces of Soul Requiem, which are dropped randomly in specific Maiden and Princess stages. The following riddles were provided as hints on which stages should be played:

  • Seashore cities in rainy seasons have a tranquil beauty.
  • Besides making you inspired, hot springs are also perfect places for dating.
  • You’re interested in me? You got plenty of time to know me in the future.
  • Quarrels are a show off of love, till the whole world is replete with love itself.
  • The first meeting with Kimi.
  • The hide-and-seek in the Flower Field begins.
  • The lonely beauty in the ancient building turns out to be quite a chatterbox.

Think you’ve got the answers? If not, don’t fret, the stages have been revealed! Find them, along with any other information you might be looking for, in our event guide.

A cumulative consumption event has also been announced, which will award stamina, gold, and Starlight coins for spending diamonds.

Diamonds Spent Reward
99 diamonds 20 Stamina, 10 000 Gold
299 diamonds 40 Stamina, 10 Starlight Coins
499 diamonds 60 Stamina, 20 000 Gold
699 diamonds 80 Stamina, 20 Starlight Coins
999 diamonds 100 Stamina, 30 000 Gold
1399 diamonds 150 Stamina, 30 Starlight Coins
1999 diamonds 200 Stamina, 50 000 Gold, 50 Starlight Coins

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