A new recharge event has appeared!

From October 13th 5:00 LNST to October 24th 23:59 LNST, Star Priest is available by recharging at least $4.99 USD worth of diamonds. Please note that other packs will not work for this event; only recharging will work.

The Star Priest set offers the following stats:

  • Hair: Star Priest (Elegance, Mature)
    • A; S; SS; S; A
  • Dress: Silent Stars (Elegance, Mature)
    • A; SS; SS; A; A;
  • Shoes: Starry Shift (Elegance, Mature)
    • A; S; SS; A; A
  • Foreground: Tarot Circle (Gorgeous, Elegance)
    • S; SS; S; A; S
  • Veil: Starry Dream (Gorgeous, Elegance)
    • SS; S; S; S; A;
  • Necklace: Stars Scattered (Gorgeous, Elegance)
    • SS; SS; A; S; A
  • Waist: Star Pieces (Gorgeous, Elegance)
    • SS; SS; A; A; S;
  • Makeup: Deep Stars (Elegance, Mature)
    • S; SS; SS; A; A

Happy styling!

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