Halloween is coming up; are you ready for a fright? Soon, you’ll be haunted by something new to Love Nikki – ranking events!

The Haunted Night event will run from October 17th 5:00 LNST to October 24th 23:59 LNST. It features the Zashiki and Tengu suits, which are obtained by collecting Ghost Fires dropped randomly in Journey stages.

Additionally, the Banshee Momiji suit will be rewarded to players who collect the most Ghost Fires during the event! The suit is rewarded as follows:

  • top 3000 players – Banshee Momiji suit
  • top 1500 players – Banshee Momiji suit + alternate pose
  • top 500 players – Banshee Momiji suit + alternate pose + background (seen below)

Finally, the Zutendoji suit has been announced as part of an event-only pavilion. Pay 100 diamonds (50% off the first play) for random pieces of Zutendoji, and 10 Ghost Fire each time!

This event is stamina-heavy, so prepare yourselves! You can find more details in our event guide. Best of luck!

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