Love Nikki was updated on October 26th at 4:50 AM LNST, completed approximately 11:00 AM LNST. Below is a summary of the updates.


  • Wardrobe has expanded from 3524 to 3746 items.
  • The following sets have been added to the Achievements gallery:
    • Apple: Banquet Phantom, Summer Lemon, Trefoil Affair
    • Lilith: Tune at Dawn, Military Princess
    • Cloud: Crane and Flower, Poppy Fox
    • Pigeon: Crown of Love, Steam Punk
    • North: Guang’s Wish
    • Wasteland: Colorful Dreams
    • Ruin: NR-001, Volley Lucia, Angica’s Dream
    • Festivals: Maple Sugar Magic
    • Story Suits:
      • Dream Prelude: Dreampath for Travelers
      • Evernight Kingdom/Black & White: Dream Bagpiper, White Queen
      • Astral Dreamland/Nightly Dawn: Night’s Queen, Princess Dawn
  • Dove Tale and Foutain Town can be bought as backgrounds for Free Dress.
  • Evernight Legend, Snowy Night, Dawn Twilight, and Dream Castle have been added as (currently unavailable) backgrounds for Free Dress.
  • The Clothes Store now sells pieces of War on Ruins, found in the Rare tab.
  • 11 recipes have been added to the Recipe store.
  • The Crystal Garden store in the Competition building now sells pieces of Trefoil Affair.
  • The Room of Cinderella in the Mystery House now sells pieces of Summer Lemon and Steam Punk.
  • The Association Store now sells pieces of Military Princess and Crown of Love.
  • Various bug and translation fixes.

Happy styling!

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