Are you ready to fall into a world of fairy tales?

From November 6th 5:00 LNST to November 12th 23:59 LNST, the Dreampath for Travelers set can be obtained for free. This is the first set our server will get under the Story Suit tab.

Here are the items to look forward to:

  • Hair: Cute Rabbit Lillian (Cute, Pure)
    • A; A; S; SS; A;
  • Top: Cute Rabbit Boy-Top (Gorgeous, Elegance)
    • S; S; A; A; A;
  • Bottom: Cute Rabbit-Bottom (Gorgeous, Elegance)
    • S; SS; A; B; A;
  • Hosiery: Cute Rabbit Stockings (Cute, Pure)
    • A; A; S; SS; A;
  • Shoes: Rabbit Boots (Lively, Cute)
    • A; SS; S; B; A;
  • Handheld (Right): Cute Rabbit Clock (Gorgeous, Elegance)
    • S; S; A; A; S;
  • Face: Gold-Rimmed Glass (Lively, Cute)
    • A; SS; S; A; A;
  • Hair Ornament: Cute Rabbit Hat (Gorgeous, Cute)
    • S; A; SS; A; A;

    Item information sourced from Nikki’s Info.

Happy styling!

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