It’s shopping time! From November 22nd through the 30th, a time limited pack is available with lots of goodies.

For $2.99, you will get the following items sent to your mailbox, where you can claim it directly:

  • 160 diamonds
  • 2 fantasy tickets
  • 12 star coins
  • Double Ponytail (Hair)
  • Teenage Days (Shoes)
  • March in Spring (Hair Ornament)
  • Double Ponytails (Hair Ornament)
  • Wish You Well (Accessory – Veil)
  • Double Ponytail Commemoration (Accessory – Right Hand Ornament)
  • Scenery of Spring (Accessory – Left Hand Holding)
  • Sweet Dream (Accessory – Foreground)
  • Moon Night Lantern (Accessory – Head Ornaments)

Fun fact: In the United States, the Friday after the Thanksgiving Day holiday is a commercial event known as “Black Friday”. Stores saw an opportunity to increase sales since many adults take that day off for vacation, and since the day lands right at the start of the Christmas gifting season. The rise of e-commerce has played a key role in making Black Friday the 3rd biggest shopping day of the year in the US. Some businesses even extend their sale season to “Gray Thursday” and “Cyber Monday”.

Happy styling!

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