Love Nikki was updated on November 30th at 4:50 AM LNST, completed approximately 6:00 AM LNST. Below is a summary of the updates.


  • Chapter 12 has been added to Journey.
  • Wardrobe has expanded from 3746 to 3951 items.
  • The Starry Corridor has been added to the main menu. It is accessible through the building between Competition and Stylist Association.
  • Achievements have been expanded. It also includes achievements associated with Starry Corridor.
  • The following sets have been added to the Achievements gallery:
    • Apple: Skateboard Girl
    • Lilith: Heart Knight, Grice, Marionette Grice
    • Cloud: Waterlily’s Promise
    • Pigeon: Casablanca
    • North: Song of Blaze
    • Ruin: Mechanical Heart
    • Festivals: A Psalm of Time
    • Happiness: For the vows of love, Oath of Flower Rain
  • The Clothes Store now sells Christmas Eve (hair), Holy Starry Night (dress), Snowy Night Bell (coat), Snow in the Sky (hosiery), Bright Street (shoes), Snow Hairband, Holy Night Silk Scarf, Gingerbread Lady, and Holy Star Umbrella (accessories).
  • 23 recipes have been added to the Recipe store.
  • Various bug and translation fixes.


  • November 30: The Gratitude Pack can be purchased for 0.99 USD. It has been announced to return in the future if not purchased during this time period.

Happy styling!

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