What better to match a wedding than an everlasting flower?

From December 3rd 5:00 LNST to December 9th 23:59 LNST, the Casablanca suit will be available tho those who recharge at least 1.99 USD worth of diamonds. The suit is claimable from the mailbox after recharge.

The suit contains the following:
Hair: Lily Drama – A; S; S; A; A
Dress: Melancholy Flower – B; S; A; SS; B
Shoes: Frost Soul – A; SS; A; S; B
Handheld (Left): Casablanca – S; B; A; S; A
Hair Ornament: Willow in Wind – S; A; A; S; A
Necklace: Layers of Leaves – A; S; A; S; A

Item information obtained from Nikki’s Info.

Happy styling!

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