In case you haven’t had enough of events, here’s a couple more to round out your wardrobe!

From December 22nd 5:00 LNST to December 24th 23:59 LNST, double Starlight Coins will be awarded for playing in Stylist’s Arena! If you’re short on Starlight Coins, now’s your chance to stock some up!

Additionally, from December 22nd 5:00 LNST to December 27th 23:59 LNST, four recharge packs will be available for 0.99 USD each. These packs contain special Christmas-themed clothes, as well as VIP Exp and diamonds.

Buying packs can give you the following items:

  • Pack 1
    • Panic Gingerbread Man (Hair Ornament) – A; S; SS; A; A
    • Deers and Shooting Star (Dress) – A; A; S; S; A
    • Three-color Candy Bar (Handheld (Left)) – A; SS; SS; A; A
    • Jingle Bell (Earrings) – A; SS; B; S; A
    • XMas Pompon Boots (Shoes) – A; A; SS; A; S
  • Pack 2
    • Letter from Afar (Hair) – A: SS: A: S; A
    • Long Winter (Top) – A; SS; S; B; B
    • Candle and Lamp (Hair Ornament) – B; S; SS; A; A
    • Evergreen Snowman (Brooch) – A; A; SS; SS; A
    • Snow Gingerbread (Coat) – A; S; SS; B; A
  • Pack 3
    • Snow Angel (Hair) – A: S; SS: A: B
    • Snow Wish-Top (Top) – A; SS; A; SS; B
    • Snow Wish-Pants (Bottom) – A; A; S; S; A
    • Little Snowman (Handheld (Right)) – A; SS; SS; B; A;
    • Pompon Butterfly Knot (Shoes) – B; A; A; SS; S
  • Pack 4
    • Quirky (Hair) – A; S; SS; B: A
    • Strapless Fashion (Top) – A; A; SS; S; A
    • Happy Surprise (Dress) – A; SS; A; S; A
    • Knitted Pattern (Bottom) – A; SS; SS; A; B
    • One Bell (Brooch) – A; S; SS; A; A

Item information sourced from Nikki’s Info.

Happy styling!

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