UPDATE: Maintenance is complete. The wardrobe has expanded from 4042 to 4089, and The Wonderland is now available for purchase in the Clothing Store. Additionally, the following suits have been added to the Achievements gallery:

  • Lilith – Fluffy Gentleman
  • Pigeon – Dream Travel
  • Festivals – Dress Song
  • Stars – Earth Bat of Girl, Fire Tiger of Tail

On December 28th midnight LNST to 1:30 LNST, Love Nikki will undergo server maintenance to add more game content, from bug fixes to new clothes. Players will not be able to log in during the update.

Additionally, from December 29th 5:00 LNST to December 31st 23:59 LNST, the drop rate of items for Chapters 1, 4, 7, and 10 Princess stages are doubled!

For your benefit, below is a list of possibly helpful stages to farm for Princess items useful in crafting. You can also look up items in our Ingredients guide to see what a specific item is used for. In parentheses, you will find what suit (or specific item, if it’s not part of a suit) the item can ultimately be used to craft.

Chapter 1

1-1: Cutie (Western Dancer)

1-2: Housemaid (Angel in White, Star Sea, White Swan)

1-3: Maple Ninja Lady (Romeo, Sacred Doctor)

1-5: Housemaid (Angel in White, Star Sea, White Swan)

1-6: Ghost Flower (Witch’s Scarf)

1-9: Little Red Riding Hood (Black Swan, Star Sea)

Chapter 4

4-1: Jellyfish (The Purest Heart)

4-2: Butterfly Tube Top (Skateboard Girl, Stunning Beauty)

4-3: Fearless (The Purest Heart)

4-4: Firelight (Joyful Childhood-Pink, Northern Soldier, Star Sea), Affection (Lily Fairy)

4-5: Night of Shanghai (Ink Wash Painting, Maple Leaf, Star Sea)

4-6: Sweet Chocolate (Lily Fairy, Star Sea)

4-7: Housemaid-Cuff (Lily Fairy, The Purest Heart, Star Sea, White Demon)

4-10: Maiden-Neck (Hibernation, Star Sea)

4-11: Higanbana (Lily Fairy, Northern Soldier, Spring Camellia, Star Sea, Vintage Lady)

4-12: First Bloom (Lily Fairy, Star Sea, White Demon), Apricot Court (Dragon Maiden, Lily Fairy, Romeo, Spring Camellia)

4-S1: Full Bloom (Star Sea)

4-S2: Wind Wave (Sly Angel)

Chapter 7

7-1: Cherry Earrings-Small (Ink Wash Painting, Dragon Maiden)

7-2: Manor Flower (Ink Orchid)

7-3: Azure Flower (Ink Orchid)

7-4: Wide Hat (Assassin’s Faith, Northern Soldier, Tribe Totem)

7-5: Warbler Whisper (currently unknown recipe)

7-6: Seafarer-Blue (Assassin’s Faith, Future Space, Northern Soldier, Oil Painter, Royal Elegance)

7-7: Leather Shoes (Queen of Deer Elf, Star Sea, Tribe Totem)

7-8: Maple (Realized Dream, Spring Camellia, Star Sea, Youth Melody)

7-9: Rainy Season (Assassin’s Faith, Future Space, Northern Soldier)

7-S1: Oceanic Pearl (Princess Azhar, Star Sea)

7-S2: Fashion Pioneer-Boy (Crane Berry, Magic Star, Northern Soldier, Ink Orchid, Stunning Beauty, White Demon)

7-S3: Oceanic (Star Sea)

7-S4: First Bloom (Lily Fairy, Star Sea, White Demon)

7-S5: Seashore Hat-Brown (Northern Soldier)

Chapter 10

10-2: Bamboo Poem (currently unknown recipe)

10-3: Solo Night (Grice, Marionette Grice, Mechanical Girl)

10-4: Ribbon Bow (Grice, Marionette Grice, Mechanical Girl)

10-5: Bamboo Pavilion (Mechanical Heart, Skateboard Girl)

10-6: Bamboo (currently unknown recipe)

10-7: Feast (Grice, Marionette Grice)

10-8: Bamboo Path (Grice, Marionette Grice)

10-9: Bamboo Whisper (Mechanical Heart)

10-S3: Spring Rain (currently unknown recipe)

Happy crafting!

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