Hip-hop is coming to Miraland! From January 10 05:00 LNST through January 16 11:59 LNST, a special event map, Hip-hop Hotspot, will be available for gameplay. The event map will include 5 special stages; 2 Miraland quiz style stages, and 3 styling battle stages. The stages will require no stamina, and failing a stage will not deduct any of your attempts. Graffiti Paint will be the event currency used to exchange for the new suits, Street Extreme and Graffiti Tempest. 3 free attempts will be provided each day.

This event also introduces 2 new skin tones! Elex and Nikki Co have been incredible with providing us this highly requested addition! The two new skin tones will be given to all players free via in-game mail, so check your mailboxes on January 10!

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