During the Ghost Gathering, there will be a cumulative diamond recharge event. For a total of 1750 Diamond recharged throughout the duration of the event, you will receive three suits! Deicide Kalpa, Snow Stone Tusk, and Flower Song in Fan will be awarded at specific thresholds. Note that double diamonds do not count toward the 1750 total, amounts must be VIP Exp. For example, if you have a daily pack that awards 1200 Diamond and 600 VIP, 600 will be added to your totals for the cumulative recharge event. The same thing applies since our double diamond recharges were reset today. If you purchase the 260 Diamond pack, you will receive 520 Diamond, but only 260 will be counted toward your recharge total.

Recharge Amount Reward
100 Diamond Thorny Stone Crown
Silent Moment
Covenant Constraint
130 Diamond Eye of Truth
Snow Scale Stone
Sand of Time
260 Diamond Silent Stand
Frost Dragon Scale
390 Diamond Horn of Rebellion
Stone Bone Demon
Shadow Ice Stone
520 Diamond Wing of Death
650 Diamond 50,000 Gold
120 Stamina
5 Fantasy Tickets
810 Diamond Deicide Kalpa
1100 Diamond 150,000 Gold
260 Stamina
100 Starlight Coins
1400 Diamond 250,000 Gold
520 Stamina
150 Starlight Coins
1750 Diamond Flower Song in Fan

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