Major Update: January 31

Elex has been teasing this update for a couple of weeks now, and it’s finally here! The game will be inaccessible from 03:00 LNST through 07:00 LNST estimated. After the update completes, the Yuki suit will be available in the mail for free for all players! From game mechanics to new suits, we have all of the updates collected right here!

Game Mechanics

  • 3 Suits can be set as your Target suits in Momo’s Guide
  • When decomposing, you can now select all extras instead of one by one
  • Suit Gallery is now searchable by Suit Name
  • Rotate has been added to View Mode in Free Dress and Starry Corridor
  • Events Menu will be further organized by Time-limited, Hot, and Long-term events
  • Wardrobe can now be filtered by gained and not-gained by selecting option under search
  • During welfare events (double gold or drop rates), a badge will show on the act selection screen specifying what chapters provide double gold or drop rate.
  • Buy 100 option added to Mystery Pavilion for 270,000 Gold
  • Automatic removal of Association Presidents who are inactive for 22 days. Association will be passed on to Vice President or most active player if no Vice President is appointed.

New Suits

  • Story Suits – Miss Bone
  • Story Suits – Underworld Lord
  • Cloud – Yama Judge
  • Cloud – Soul Guide
  • Cloud – Flower Mirror
  • Cloud – Yuki
  • Pigeon – Deicide Kalpa
  • Pigeon – Snow Stone Tusk
  • Cloud – Flower Song in Fan
  • Apple – Ice Waltz
  • Lilith – City Dream
  • Festivals – Flower Fairy Mevilla
  • Festivals – Kitten Sketchbook

Game Content

  • Wardrobe increased by 196 from 4,173 items to 4,369
  • Past Event suits added to store: Troupe – Clarinet Concerto, Troupe – Monochrome Symphony
  • Past Event suits added to crafting: Troupe – Sky Rhapsody, Festivals – Peach Melody, Festivals – Lonely Valentine’s Night, Festivals – Silver Wish
  • Association Chapter 4 added, we have a guide here.

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