From February 18th 5:00 LNST to February 24th 11:59 LNST, Ink Carp will be available as a recharge set.

To obtain the suit, recharge at least $4.99 USD worth of diamonds. The suit will be sent to your mailbox to claim. For those who are interested in buying the suit, here are the items to look forward to:

Hair: Koi Story – SS; S; SS; A; A

Dress: Ink Carp – S; SS; A; S; A

Coat: Koi Painting – A; SS; SS; A; A

Shoes: Eternal Parting – A; A; SS; SS; A

Head Ornament: Wind and Ink – SS; SS; A; A; S

Handheld (Right): Scroll of Thick Ink – SS; SS; S; A; A

Handheld (Left): Koi Brush – SS; SS; S; A; A

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