From February 28th 5:00 LNST to March 9th 11:59 LNST, Glamour of Opera & Singing Phoenix will be able to buy in the users shop.

There is also a $0.99 (One Dollar Sale) pack found on the right side of the panel bar. The items include 1) Momo’s Rice Ball Shop 2) Discount Brand 3) Fish and Dragon Dance.

The two suits Glamour of Opera and Singing Phoenix come together in a pack named the ‘CN Opera Pack’ for $15.99. The pack contains 900 diamonds, 900 VIP EXP and both suits. The suits and items will be sent to your mailbox once bought. Here are the attributes for the items:

Glamour of Opera

Hair: Voice of East Wind – A; S; SS; S; S

Tops: Butterflies on Flower – S; SS; A; SS; A

Bottoms: Dream with Deep Love – A; SS; SS; A; A

Shoes: Look Forward to Spring – A; SS; SS; S; A

Head Ornament: Green Flower Crown – SS; SS; A; A; S

Foreground: Flowers in the Yard – A; SS; S; SS; B

Ground: Past in the Dream – S; SS; S; A; S

Background: Sunshine in the Yard – SS; SS; S; A; A

Makeup: Flower Beauty – SS; SS; A; A; S

Singing Phoenix

Hair: Phoenix Song –  S;  SS;  SS; A; A

Dress: Phoenix Robe  –  SS;  SS;  S;  A;  A

Coat: Twilight Cloud  –  SS;  SS;  S;  A;  A

Shoes: Woven Cloud –   A;  SS;  SS; S; A

Head Ornament: Butterfly Chaplet –  S;  SS;  A;  S;  A

Makeup:  Rich Makeup –  A;  S;  SS; SS;  A

Background: Momo’s Rice Ball Shop  –  S;  SS; B; A; A

Ground: Discount Brand –  A;  SS;  SS; A; A

Foreground: Fish and Dragon Dance – A; SS; SS; S; A

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