From March 10 05:00 LNST through March 17 23:39 LNST, the Cloud Empire Fireworks Fair will be held! Stylists will play regular journey stages to earn Yoyos throughout the duration of the event. The Bath in Starry Sky and Yatai Waitress suits will be obtained by collecting Yoyos. Goldfish Girl and Miss Goldfish pieces will be awarded based on your ranking at the end of the event. This is much like the Haunted Night that took place in October 2017. The event is stamina heavy, as you will need to clear stages to collect Yoyos.

We are working on an event guide, and will link here when it is complete. However, based on the nature of the event, stamina and diamond estimates are difficult to calculate for the Goldfish Girl and Miss Goldfish suits. The general recommendation is to play the game as usual, keep farming items for your target suits, and use any extra stamina to play Maiden stages like 2-S2, 3-S1, 7-7, and 8-5, as these stages drop good items for decomposing for Rebirth materials, and will help maximize your participation in the event.

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