From March 21st 5:00 LNST to March 27th 23:59 LNST, Melody of Stars will be available as a recharge set. At the same time, 3 previous animal-related event sets will be available for purchase in the User’s shop.

To obtain the suit, recharge at least $4.99 USD worth of diamonds. The suit will be sent to your mailbox to claim. For those who are interested in buying the suit, here are the items to look forward to:

Melody of Stars

Hair: Alois’s Dream S;  S;  S;  SS; A
Dress: Star Somniloquy  SS;  S;  S;  A; A
Hosiery: Star Road Stockings S; SS;  A;  S; A
Shoes: Starry Butterfly Wings  A;  SS;  SS;  A; A
Hair Ornament: Star Trail  A;  SS;  SS;  S; A
Necklace: Wings of Dreams  SS;  SS;  A;  A; A
Foreground: Meteor Shower  A;  SS;  A; SS; A
Ground: Star Stage  S;  S;  A; S;  S

Poppy Fox

Hair: Fox Spirit SS; SS; B; A; A
Dress: Poppy Fox S; SS; S; A; A
Coat: Spring Pretty S; SS; S; A; A
Shoes: Poppy’s Death SS; SS; S; A; A
Hair Ornament: Poppy A; SS; SS; A; A
Brooch: Brocade Drum A; SS; SS; A; A
Tail: Poppy Foxtail S; A; SS; SS; A
Coat (Suit Completion): Winter Charm S; SS; SS; A; A

Jingle Kitty

Hair: Jingle Kitty  A; SS;  SS;  S; A
Dress: Lucky Cat  A; SS;  S;  S; A
Hosiery: Pink Spring Bows  A;  A; SS;  SS;  S
Shoes: Pussycat Spirit SS; SS;  A;  S;  A
Tail: White Cat Tail  A;  SS; SS;  A;  A
Makeup: Affectionate Eyes  A;  SS; SS;  S;  A

Poppy Fox

Hair: Lady Short Hair  A; SS;  SS; A; A
Dress: Noble Cowboy  A;  A;  S;  SS;  S
Coat: Fluffy Windbreaker  SS;  SS;  B;  A;  S
Hosiery: Solemn Stockings  A;  A;  SS;  SS;  A
Shoes: Black High Heels  A;  A;  SS;  SS;  A
Hair Ornament: Black Formal Hat  A;  S;  SS;  S;  S
Necklace: Black Bow Tie  S;  A;  SS;  SS;  A
Right Hand Bracelet: Golden Bracelet  S;  SS;  S;  A;  S
Gloves: Black Gloves  A;  A;  SS;  SS;  A
Right Handheld: Poodle  SS;  S;  A;  S;  A

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