Hey stylists, April is a big month in Love Nikki, as it is the one year anniversary of the game! April is packed with activities, and April 11th will introduce a few new events. We’ve broken them all down here for you!


  • Double diamond reset
  • Time Diary, a new achievement lore feature that rewards backgrounds for S-ranking chapters
  • Past event clothes
  • New clothes, backgrounds, furniture, and events
  • The Time Yard pavilion
  • Bug fixes
  • translation optimizations

  • Ultimate Race (April 11-17)
  • Lucky Bag Recharge (April 11-27)
  • Time Yard Pavilion (discount until 27th)
  • Time Limited Quest for Zashiki April 11-15!

  • Free diamonds every day!
  • Free Sweet Breeze suit
  • Free Golden Sunshine suit

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