From May 11 05:00 LNST through May 18 23:59 LNST, a new diamond spending event will be available. This is very similar to the Ghost Gathering event. Miracle Concert can be accessed through the game’s main screen and has a simple, linear gameplay. For 30 diamonds each, or 300 diamonds for ten draws at a time, you will receive Gold, Stamina, and Diamonds at random. At certain benchmarks, you will receive a full suit. Demon Lament or Tornado Rhapsody will be awarded at node 3, which will cost between 2,460 and 2,700 diamonds to reach. Between 6,810 and 7,050 diamonds will be needed to obtain all 5 suits. Also similar to Ghost Gathering, an avatar pendant will be awarded with this event. A Glow Stick will appear on your avatar and stick around based on how many nodes you reach throughout the duration of the event.

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