The game will be inaccessible from 02:30 LNST through 07:30 LNST estimated. After the update, the Caelum et Ocean event will be live, many other suits are added, and double diamonds for every diamond pack will be reset.

Game Mechanics

  • Associations can now be renamed.
  • Workshops can craft or evolve multiple of the same pieces at once.
  • While using the dressing room, a category no longer needs to be selected when filtering with a tag.
  • Double diamonds for all diamond packs have been reset.
  • Other bugs have been squashed.

Game Content

  • The Caelum et Ocean event is now live. Visit our event guide here
  • Past Event suits added to the store and for crafting: Festivals – Circus Night, Festivals – Joker&Diamond Mask, Festivals – Sweet Heart, and Festivals – Rose Romance
  • Associations now have the styling contest feature. Compete in a Co-op Contest to craft a suit. Every week has a new theme. Players can compete twice every week at 19:30 LNST and 20:30 LNST.
  • Magic Wardrobe ‘Collection’ achievements are now available. Complete all of the Magic Wardrobe achievements to earn the Elegant Tune set.
  • More furniture has been added to the game.

New Suits

  • Story Suit – Winged Journey
  • Story Suit – Ocean Dream
  • Cloud – Crimson Creek
  • Apple – Rippling Silk
  • Apple – Bouquet Bike
  • Apple – Shiba and Croak
  • Pigeon – Jewel of Ocean
  • Cloud – Fallen Butterfly
  • Apple – Feather Attached
  • Cloud – Elegant Tune

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