Love Nikki will be updated on September 4th from 04:00 LNST through 07:00 LNST. Below is a brief rundown:

Game Content

  • The Magnificent Peacock suit is obtainable through the association contest.
  • The Cherry Youth suit will be available through sign-in rewards until September 20th.
  • Zodiac Lucky Packs drop the Dream Sky suit and random zodiac chests. Each zodiac chest drops one zodiac-themed piece.
  • Past event clothes available in store or for crafting.
  • More clothing items and furniture have been added to the game.


Game Mechanics

  • The Fairy Tale Bottle event is now live. Visit our event guide here.
  • The Adventure tab in the Time Diary showcases past event clothes.
  • Houses can upgrade to a fifth floor. After upgrading to the fifth floor, players can add more rooms on each floor.
  • While using the dressing room, a category no longer needs to be selected when filtering with a style class.
  • Translation optimized and other bugs squashed.


New Suits

  • Apple – Cherry Youth, Everlasting Melody
  • Lilith – True Love Magic
  • Cloud – Magnificent Peacock, Magic Pocket Watch
  • Pigeon – Dust-ladern Heart
  • North – Dream Sky

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