From September 25 following the update, through October 12, recharging diamonds will award Lotus Necklet. Lotus Necklet can then be exchanged for Lucky Bags, which drop 1 of 5 possible new suits! Continue recharging diamonds and exchanging Lotus Necklet to collect all 5. Past Lucky Bag suits will also be returning for those that missed out the first time around. For the returning suits, we know that Ode to Glory will be the last suit collected, meaning you must purchase enough Lucky Bags to collect all 10 suits to earn it.

In order to collect all of the new suits, recharge a total of 4500 diamonds. Recharge an additional 6300 diamonds to obtain all of the returning suits. This totals up to 10800 diamonds.


New Suits

  • Truth Seer
  • Aroma of Love Letter
  • Cold Red
  • Panda Brawler
  • Flower of Magic Kiss

Returning Suits

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