Love Nikki was updated on October 25th from 04:45 LNST through 07:45 LNST. Below is a brief rundown:

Game Content

  • The Sugar Chestnut suit is available through sign-in rewards until November 14th.
  • Collect Gothic clothing items through time-limited events from October 29th to November 4th.
  • Past event clothes available in store or for crafting through Time Diary Adventure.
  • New Clothes and Furniture
  • New Backgrounds
  • New Events
  • New Home Vehicle Added


Game Mechanics

  • The sidebar has been optimized.
  • Translation optimized and other bugs squashed.


New Suits

  • Festivals – Candy Adventure
  • Apple – Sugar Chestnut
  • Apple – Shopping
  • Pigeon – Diana’s Dream
  • Pigeon – Storm Tamer
  • Pigeon – Treasure Keeper

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