During the Time Palace event, there will be a cumulative recharge event. From December 15th following the update, through December 31st 23:59 LNST, recharging diamonds will award five new suits. In order to collect all of the new suits, recharge a total of 6300 Diamond

  • To obtain Snowland Snitch, recharge a total of $4.99.
  • To obtain Galaxy Goddess, recharge a total of $11.99.
  • To obtain Death of Data, recharge a total of $44.99.
  • To obtain Feast of Hunt, recharge a total of $65.99.
  • To obtain Tales of Starry Night, recharge a total of $99.99.

Note that double diamonds do not count toward the 6300 total, amounts must be VIP Exp. Buying diamonds will net you 1 VIP EXP per diamond. Packs containing VIP Exp will also be counted towards the recharge.


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