From January 14 – 20, a cumulative recharge for Hidden in Hanabi will be available. This set includes a new makeup as well as a new background! The total necessary for the entire suit is 810 VIP Exp. This can include diamond purchases or time-limited packs that include VIP Exp.

Here’s what you can look forward to at each recharge milestone!

100 VIP Exp His Word
Demon Clearing
260 VIP Exp Individual Time
Festival Fan
520 VIP Exp Fate Red Line
Annoying Problem
810 VIP Exp Yohko and Yoco
Lamp of Butterfly

In addition to the recharge for Hidden in Hanabi, a special pack will be available in the User’s Shop for $0.99 USD. This pack will include the adorable Mechanical Hub set, 50 Diamond and 50 VIP Exp.

Suit Breakdowns

Click image to enlarge.

Hidden in Hanabi
Hair: Annoying Problem
S; SS; SS; A; A
Dress: Yohko and Yoco
A; SS; A; SS; A;
Hosiery: His Word
SS; A; S; S; A;
Shoes: Individual Time
SS; SS; S; B; A;
Foreground: Lamp of Butterfly
S; SS; A; SS;
Hair Ornament: Demon Cleaning
A; SS; S; S; A
Brooch: Fate Red Line
A; SS; SS; S; A
Left Handheld: Festival Fan
A; SS; SS; A; A;
Makeup: Yohko
A; SS; A; SS; A
Alternate Hair: Summer Secret
A; S; A; SS; S;
Posed Dress: To Happy Future
SS; SS; A; S; A;
Mechanical Hub
Hair: Silver Curly Hair
A; SS; S; S; A
Top: The Sky of Ocean
A; A; SS; SS; A;
Bottom: Star of Blue Sea
A; SS; SS; B; A;
Hosiery: Program Rules
S; SS; SS; S;
Shoes: Initialization Countdown
SS; SS; A; A; S;
Foreground: Yeanling
S; SS; SS; B; A;
Hair Ornament: Reaction Antenna
S; SS; A; A; A
Ears: Mechanical Angel
A; A; S; SS; A;
Necklace: Intitial Number
A; SS; A; SS; A
Right Handheld: Game Expert
A; SS; SS; A; A
Gloves: Memory Card
A; SS; S; SS; A;
Left Handheld: Memory Flashbacks
A; S; SS; S; S;
Waist: Restart
S; SS; A; A; A

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