Futuristic, earthy, and sexy royalty are making a visit to Love Nikki. From February 22 following the update, through February 29 11:59 LNST (Love Nikki Server Time), we have several beautiful suits to pine for! The event, Ruin Tide, features the Eternal Tides suit, and is a brand new event style! Help Orlando pick the best clothes for the theme and win Soft Waves used to obtain Eternal Tides.

The Ruin Tide event guide can be found here.

Treasure Trove is a time-limited pavilion featuring the Rose Palace suit. Much like the Shutendoji, Fox Bride, and Dream Showcase Pavilions we have had before, you will spend Diamonds to draw a piece of the suit in a time-limited pavilion. The first draw is 40 Diamond and each draw thereafter is 80 Diamond. You will most definitely draw duplicate pieces, great for decomposing for reconstruction materials! The average cost to complete the Rose Palace suit is 4000 Diamond.

Finally, we have 2 recharge suits available during this time period. Light Spring and Where Wind Dwells are two beautiful, earthy suits perfect for the coming of spring. Light Spring is available with a 100 VIP Exp recharge, and Where Wind Dwells is available for 1200 VIP Exp recharge. This can come in the form of Diamond purchases, where 1 Diamond = 1 VIP, or in the form of time-limited bonus packs, where the item notated as “VIP Exp” will count toward the total.

Suit information for Rose Palace, Light Spring, and Where Wind Dwells is below! The suit information for Eternal Tides can be found in its corresponding event guide here!

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