From March 4 5:00 AM LNST through March 10 11:59 PM LNST, purchase diamonds valued at $4.99 USD or more to receive the beautiful Golden Wheat suit. VIP Exp from time limited packs do not qualify for this suit. During the same time, a player’s choice VIP Recharge will be occurring. Recharge 1750 VIP Exp (time limited pack DO qualify for this one!), and choose one of the following suits: Fallen Butterfly, NR-001, Thunder Destroyer, or Flower Song in Fan. You can not choose more than one of those suits, you can not recharge twice as much to get two of the suits. This player’s choice recharge seems to repeat, though, so no worries if you can’t decide! Pick your favorite, and chances are, this recharge will return and you can choose another then!

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