From June 14th 05:00 LNST to June 20th 23:59 LNST, four suits will be up for grabs in various events. An overview on the suits and their events are available below.

Moonlight Grace

The event currency is obtained at random amounts when normal stages are played through. Exchange the currency, through crafting, for suit pieces in the event window. Players may craft for a total of 35 times for free. To complete the set, it’ll cost 1800 diamonds and around 1200 stamina, if you play through Maiden-type stages.


The boutique features two event packs.

  • The Music Festival pack costs $0.99. It includes 50 VIP Exp, 50 diamonds, 50 Stamina, and various clothing pieces.
  • The Mushroom Adventure set costs $1.99. Along with the suit, you get 100 VIP Exp, 100 diamonds and 100 Stamina.

Diamond Consumption Reward

Spend a total of 999 diamonds on any in-game feature to obtain the Guard of Glory set. Set pieces are rewarded at increments of 399, 599, 799, and 999 diamonds. You may collect your rewards in the event window.

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