About Us

This site is powered completely by community contribution! We have a team of permanent contributors working daily to bring you the best information about events, build guides, and help you be the best stylist you can be!

Our Team

Kusachi – Launched the site in May 2017 as a simple blog to chronicle adventures through Miraland. In a very short amount of time, the site expanded into the multi-faceted guide and community it is today. By day, she works full-time in the computer software industry and is also a full-time student pursuing her Bachelor’s degree.

Nami – Joined the team in June 2017. Our chief event guide writer on-site. She makes sure we get the most accurate information for our guides by compiling research gathered from other Nikki Games servers.

Allie Argent – Joined the team in June 2017. She handles much of the coding on-site, assists with managing the database, site maintenance, and works on our Lore sections. She keeps a busy life offline, working in front-end development for a tech company.

Sanitee – Joined the team in June 2017. Our database goddess. She has built the LNW database from scratch and keeps us all in line when it comes to entering item info. She’s our go-to when it comes to most things HTML, CSS, and JavaScript related on-site.



Sakura Haru – Joined the team in August 2017. Our Facebook page would be lost without her! She manages several other social areas of the site, helps out with our Lore sections, and helps out anywhere else she’s needed. Offline, she is a graduate student and is always keeping up with her menagerie of pets.


Special Thanks

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Nikki, Momo, and Yoko Banner by Jenifishie

Various event banners, lore story banners, and site graphics by Anarchy

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