About Us

This site is powered completely by community contribution! We have a team of several volunteers working in their free time to bring you the best information about events, build guides, and help you be the best stylist you can be! Kusachi launched the site in May 2017 as a simple blog to chronicle her adventures through Miraland. In a very short amount of time, the site expanded into the multi-faceted guide and community it is today.

Current Contributors

dood handles most of the guide publishing, suit image construction, and research for the site. Without her dedication to the community and ensuring work remains on track and published on time, we would not be able to keep this up!

Sakura Haru continues to manage the Facebook page associated with our website, as well as work through the game’s Lore to keep us all updated with story summaries!

Kuu contributes to site graphics and suit image construction during events and updates, as well as maintains the wardrobe database content!

KotyRaine assists with guide publishing and research!

Kusachi continues to contribute to various areas of the site when able, answers emails received, and ensures things continue to run smoothly with hosting!

We’re always looking for volunteers that can help us run the site day-to-day. We’ve come to a point where much of our stuff is contained in easy to use templates so minimal experience is needed to jump on board! The majority of our work here is simple data entry, and the most help is needed in filling out spreadsheets for the wardrobe database. We operate in a way that anyone can contribute as much or as little time as they’d like! Feel free to email us at lovenikkiworld@gmail.com if you are interested in volunteering!

Special Thanks

Nami, Allie Argent, Xixi, Solori, and Sanitee. This website would not have taken off as it did without your incredible contributions in the beginning!

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