Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the monthly card?


If you have attempted to recharge your diamonds, you will see that the $4.99 recharge shows the monthly card sign. This means that by purchasing that tier item, you will receive 260 Diamond and 60 Diamond for the 30 consecutive days!

You can claim your daily 60 Diamond through the Daily Quest.

Note: You will also be able to check the remaining number of days through the Daily Quest tab.


How many days do I have left on the monthly card?


You will be able to check the remaining number of days through the Daily Quest tab.

How do I get an S on a specific stage?

Note: There are a few “problem” levels. Many people struggle with these stages because of how specific and restrictive they are. Listed below are the biggest culprits along with tip and, if applicable, alternatives to Momo’s tips.

  • C3-S2 – Princess stage will require a dress with the tag. Your score will be heavily penalized if you do not do so. Currently, the only non-event Wedding dress is Realized Dream. This is available in the Starlight Store. It is relatively simple to craft but the recipes are expensive, so make sure you fight in the Arena and get Stylist Queen every week!
  • C4-12 – Craft the recommended suit.
  • C6-10 – Baseball jacket + leather trousers
  • C7-S3 – Equip as many Northern Soldier pieces as you can. You will need at least 4, if not 5. You can substitute the hat for Lace Bunny Ears.
  • C7-8 – Use Basic Ranger Top and Textiles Legging.
  • C8-2 – Use pieces from the Sexy Bad Girl suit and nothing more. This means no makeup and no accessories. At least you don’t have to evolve the hair!
  • C9-2 – This stage has a tag. Use any dress, or top/bottom combination with the tag. Many players invest in crafting the Gothic Lolita set for this level. The set is handy to have for some association commissions.
  • C9-7 – This stage has a tag. Any set from the Ruin Island nation category can be used!
  • C9-9 – You have to craft the Assassin’s Faith dress. However, you do not need the evolved version. It is also a good idea to upgrade Red Satin to at least rare. Both the rare and epic versions are handy for multiple levels.

How do I boost my score?

Some easy ways to boost your score:

  • Make sure your skills are updated. If you want to save gold, focus on Smile, Critical Eye, and Picky Immune.
  • Put an item in every slot. The more monstrous you look, the more you win.
  • Use Momo’s tips!
  • Check the items you’re using — you want items that match the level requirements with an SS or S.
  • See if there are tags that match the level.
  • Play the level multiple times with the same outfit. Scores can vary quite a bit depending on how you use your skills.
  • If it’s an outfit-specific level… You need to craft it. You can occasionally use substitutes for Maiden levels, but Princess isn’t nice like Maiden is.

Check out our guides for more information on individual levels.

Will I lose a Princess attempt if I quit halfway through the stage?

Quitting the level while getting dressed or during battle will not use a Princess attempt. However, you will lose your stamina if you quit during a battle.

What happens when I leave an association?

You will lose your activity points in that association. If you have finished your attempts for the day, you will not be able to collect the rewards once the stage is finished.

You keep your workshop ingredients, your association outfits, and your progress on books as long as it is unlocked in the new association.

Note: There is no time delay if you are kicked from an association. However, if you leave, there is a 12 hour waiting period before you can apply to a new association. Do your dailies before you quit!

Where can I get extra gold/diamonds/starlight coins without buying the packs?

You can collect extra stamina, diamonds, and starlight coins through sharing. All bonuses are refreshed when the server resets.

Daily share bonuses are listed below. These can only be done once per day unless otherwise noted.

  • Acquire a 3+ heart item: 6 stamina.
  • Achieve an S on a story stage: 2 diamonds for the first share, 500 coins for the next five shares.
  • Get an A or below on a story stage: 2 diamonds for the first share, 500 coins for the next five shares.
  • Rank up in Arena: 5 diamonds.
  • Win an Arena match: 3 starlight coins.
  • Share someone’s Arena outfit from top 20 or your friend’s list: 2 starlight coins.
  • Use the Competition dressing room: 2 diamonds.
  • Invite Facebook friends in Competition: 500 gold.
  • Enter Free Dress: 2 diamonds
  • Obtain an achievement: 800 gold

Note: You do not have to share to get the bonuses. Back out before posting and you will still get the reward. You can also share to only yourself if you want to post them privately.

How much free currency can I get on an average day?

Bonus in a day
– Stamina: 144
– Gold: 2100
– Diamonds: 68
– Starlight coins: 10

– 6 – Share: Acquiring 3+-heart item
– 6 – Daily Quest: Complete any 10 quests with A or above rating
– 10 – Giving at least 5 friends stamina
– 12 – Daily Quest: Give friends hearts for 5 times
– 20 – Daily Quest: Complete any 5 quests with S rating
– 90 – Daily stamina time

– 200 Daily Quest: Complete minimum 3 association requests
– 200 Daily Quest: Sort books minimum 1 time in association library
– 200 Daily Quest: Judge competition for 15 times
– 500 Share: S score in Journey
– 500 Help: F-A score in Journey
– 500 Invite: Competition

– 2 – Share: S score in Journey
– 2 – Share: F-A score in Journey
– 2 – Share: Competition outfit in dressing room
– 2 – Share: Free dress
– 2 – Share: House
– 5 – Arena rank goes up
– 53 – Daily Quest: 120 activity points

Starlight coins:
– 2 – Daily Quest: Finish 5 challenges in Arena
– 2 – Share: General rankings
– 3 – Share: Winning score
– 3 – Daily Quest: Win 3 challenges in Arena

Note: This does not include bonuses from V-levels.

What time does a new day begin in Love Nikki?

The server resets 5:00 AM in-game time.Server reset for different time zones are listed below.

American Time Zones:

  • Eastern Time: 9:00 AM
  • Central Time: 8:00 AM
  • Mountain Time: 7:00 AM
  • Pacific Time: 6:00 AM

Why can my opponents use skills in the arena and I can't?

Every player can use their skills in the arena. If you can’t, you probably haven’t selected them. Since more skills can be selected in Arena than in Story Stages, you choose them separately. When building your Arena outfit, click “skills” in the lower-left hand corner. Make sure you select the four skills you want.

Skills are automated in Arena. This means they are locked and you cannot use them manually. The game fights for you.

How do I change Nikki's skin tone?

There are currently five skin tone items available in Love Nikki. Once earned, the skin tones can be found under “Special.”

To obtain Warm Ray: play level 1-1 on Maiden. You will not receive the bonus if you hit the “done” button.This triggers a timer for Youth Storm. After the timer ends, Youth Storm — along with the skin tone and matching makeup — can be claimed.

To obtain Hot Beat: this suit is sent to every player via their mailbox. If you did not receive it, please contact in-game customer support.

To obtain Miss Skateboard: this suit is sent to every player via their mailbox. If you did not receive it, please contact in-game customer support.

To obtain Broken Puppet: craft the recipe found with the suit Marionette Grice.

To obtain String Puppet: evolve Broken Puppet to make part of the suit Grice.

I can't join any associations even though I've applied!

It can be difficult for a new player to join an association in Love Nikki. Space is limited, and you may not meet the criteria a guild leader expects from a new member. If you sent an application and it has since disappeared, your application was denied. If your application is still visible, the Association has not yet looked at your join request.

Applying at random may not yield results, so players often turn to social media.

Some places to start your search:

  • The official Love Nikki Facebook page
  • The Love Nikki Discord
  • The Love Nikki subreddit
  • Various fan pages

Good luck!

The chat filter in-game won't let me say anything!

Love Nikki’s chat filter is currently very strict. You may often see asterisks (*) in the middle of words in the starry corridor or find that you are unable to submit a message due to “illegal characters”. The game restricts words for what seems like no reason. For example, typing A and V together used to be banned regardless of what word they appeared in. Recent updates have begun to fix chat filter issues. For now, keep your messages short to avoid having to re-type everything.

If you are unable to say anything at all, contact support in-game.

I have a ticket for the Fantasy Pavilion; how do I use it?

You may receive a “fantasy ticket” during events or deals. Each ticked gives you a free pull in the Pavilion of Fantasy. These will display on the lower left side of the image in the Pavilion.

If you have tickets, use the Pavilion as normal. A dialogue box will open asking if you would like to use tickets or gems. This works for both single pulls and 10 pulls.

Note: There will not be a dialogue box if you do not have any tickets. It will spend your gems automatically. Be careful!

How do I find friends, and how do I find my friend code?

Try looking on the official Love Nikki Facebook page, fan pages, the Love Nikki subreddit, and Discord for friend codes to add. You can find your friend code when you click on your avatar in the top left corner.

I want to share for rewards, but I don't want it to appear on my Facebook!

You do not have to post to receive share rewards. When you click share, Facebook will pop up. Back out or hit “discard.” You will return to the game and still receive the rewards!

Note: If you have Facebook uninstalled or disabled on your device, it will not pop up. You will still receive your rewards.

How do I get more Rebirth Earrings for the reconstruction shop?

You can farm for Pink Tassel Earrings in Chapter 2 (Maiden), and exchange Starwish hairpins and necklaces in your association for the Fairy Tale Cutie makeup (these almost always drop earrings when decomposing).

Why do some items have gold hearts?

Gold hearts indicate an item is animated. When Nikki wears it, she moves!

For example, The Black Swan dress sparkles and the feathers from the same set flutter down the screen. See if you can find and collect them all!

How do I move objects behind Nikki?

Some background items can be moved. This is indicated by a symbol with four arrows. When you add the item to your outfit, click View Mode, then “Ornament” (small tab at the bottom), make sure the item is highlighted, and drag it on the screen.

I connected Love Nikki to my Facebook. Can players see my real name and profile picture in-game?

Your real name and profile picture will not be displayed publicly. The only people who will see this information are people who have friended you on Facebook. To everyone else, your image will display your current avatar. This applies to all of your in-game friends, unless you add them on Facebook.

I have encountered an error or have an issue with billing. How do I get help?

On the main screen, click on your profile image in the upper-left corner. When on your profile, click settings in the upper-right corner. In the settings menu, tap the button that says “support.”

This brings you to a automated chat. You can search support by typing in numbers. Alternatively, send “9” or tap the “?” in the right hand corner to speak to a live Love Nikki representative.

How many chapters do the Association Books go to?

Star Seer goes up to Chapter 4, Cloud Adventure goes up to Chapter 5, and Little Red Riding Hood goes up to Chapter 4.

I get notifications that Momo sent a stamina gift, but I cannot claim them even when I click on the link!

Momo sends stamina gifts according to the hours 12:00 and 7:00 on your clock in your time zone. These gifts are not able to be claimed until it is 12:00 or 7:00 in game time.

Does completing an suit's recolor grant you rewards as well?

No, unfortunately you can only claim rewards for the uncustomized version of a complete suit.

What are "lifetime suits"?

“Lifetime suits” are what players refer to as the most difficult suits that seem to take a lifetime to complete! Love Nikki currently has four of these suits: Star Sea, Stunning Beauty, Grice, and Marionette Grice.

What does it mean when the attributes on an item sparkle?

When you customize an item, you may notice new “shining” attributes! These highlight what attributes change when that item is dyed. For example, if you customize Baby Face to Baby Face-Purple, the “Elegance” attribute sparkles as it loses its Lively attribute and gains an Elegance one.

Will _________ (item) ever return?

All items from events and recharges in Love Nikki have returned to date. In other servers that are farther along, everything we have so far has returned except for the set Banshee Momiji

How do I obtain the Little Plate socks?

The Little Plate socks, along with the Sour Lemon hair accessory and the Beach Wristband were mailed to users in the mailboxes in mid-2017. If you did not receive this item when you began playing, try using the in-game support chat and asking for this item to be mailed.

I finished a posed suit (ex. Satiroth's Sheep, Sly Angel) but it says it is incomplete.

Make sure you have the “Series” tab (yellow plus sign to the left of the suit) set to the non-pose version. This is the one you have to finish to gain the pose, thereby “finishing” the complete suit.

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