March 14th Cumulative Recharge Event

Star Insight

St. Patrick’s Day Special

Barbie Collaboration Pavilion Event

Miraland Quiz Spring Rerun

Golden Wheat and Player’s Choice Recharge Event

Ring Fantasy

Ruin Tide

Swan Love

Fleeting Life in Snow Cumulative Recharge Event

Bell Tower

White Forest and Blood Beckon Recharge

Fate Trio

Dream Dessert

Ghost Gathering Returns

Hidden in Hanabi Recharge and Mechanical Hub $0.99 Pack

Jade Orchid, Flower Feather, and Volt Ciel Recharge Return

Parrot Princess

January 4 Recharge Suits Returning

Sacred Psalm Pavilion and Dark Raven Recharge Event

New Year Lantern Event

Fox Bride Pavilion Rerun

December 15 Cumulative Recharge Event

Time Palace

Miracle Concert Rerun

Christmas Surprise

Song of Youth Birthday Event

Dream Showcase Pavilion and Recharge Suit

Butterfly Mystery

Nekomata and Comeback of Classics Recharge

Fate Echo

Deepsea Secret

Colorful Halloween Game

Pirate Event Guide

Diana’s Dream Cumulative Recharge Event

Ghost Candle

Honeymoon Holyland Round 5

Art of War – Lucky Bag Recharge

Art of War – Will of War

Art of War – Wonderland

Rose Guard & Return to Autumn Cumulative Recharge Event

Yokai World

Magic Pocket Watch Recharge Event

Fairy Tale Bottle

Intern Miko and Returning Boutique Recharge

Dawn Front

Let’s Hanami

Night of Starfall

Mind Code

Star Secret III

Wine Wanderer Recharge Event

Fox Bride Pavilion and Recharge Suits

Koinobori Festival

The Smile Circus

Summer Color Date

Voice of Heart Recharge Event

Grassland Dancer Pack

Football Themed Outfit

Caelum et Ocean

July 4th Cumulative Recharge Event

The Gentle Aegean Sign-In Suit

Sweet Surprise Event

The Mirage Event

Nether Fire Cumulative Recharge Event

Starlet’s Zodiac Event

Hip-hop Queen and Demon Huntress Packs

Dragon Hunter Recharge Event

Night Castle

Ultimate of the Way Recharge Event

Honeymoon Holyland 4

Guardian of Purity Cumulative Recharge Event/

Boutique & Flower Themed Packs

Midnight Escape

Miracle Concert

Wind Deep Legend

Goddess of Peacock Recharge

Wonder Museum

Ultimate Race (April 11-17)

Lucky Bag Recharge (April 11-17)

Time Yard Pavilion 70% Discount! (April 11-17)

Time Limited Quest – Finish Zashiki (April 11-15)

Melody of Stars & Animal Suits Recharge

Crystal Moon Flower Event

Vernal Verse Event Guide

Void Singer Event Guide

Clover’s Ceremony Recharge Event

Firework Fair Event Guide

Alice Spacetime Recharge Event

Honeymoon Holyland Round 3 Event Guide

Dreamy Nocturne Event Guide

Circus Night Event Guide

Valentine’s Day Exchange Event

Ghost Gathering Event Guide

Snow Ball Event Guide

Hip-hop Hotspot Event Guide

Star Secret 2

Christmas Event Guide

Dance of Black Rose Event Guide

Honeymoon Holyland Round 2 Event Guide

Casablanca Recharge Event

Dream of Black and White Event Guide

Evernight: Memory of Night & Day

A Game of Black & White

Poppy Fox Recharge

Evernight: Dream Traveler Suit

Halloween Carnival



Haunted Night

Soul Requiem

Star Secret


Cloud Valentine

Wonderful Holidays & Raspberry Pink Rock Sign-In Event

Classical Concert

Corridor of Clock Launch Sale

Cumulative Recharge Event

The Lantern Festival

Honeymoon Holyland

Midsummer Dream

Moon Festival

6th Clinic

Miraland Quiz

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