NOTE: It is not the goal in this event to get an S ranking or high score! This is why we have recommended not using skills for any of the stages. The goal is to be within the specified range of your opponent. If you aren’t getting within that range, use Smile sparingly! This event is more challenging than the previous events.

The 6th Clinic consists of two parts: the Personality Quiz and Event Stages.

Personality Quiz

When the event begins, the main event window will display a Start button. Click this to answer a series of questions that will, depending on your answers, give you a 50% discount on the contract requirement for either the White Demon of Sly Angel sets. If you get the discount you don’t want, you can decide to retake the quiz and get the other discount.

The result may also be shared once a day in exchange for 20 diamonds each day.

Event Stages

A separate event map has been created for this event, with 5 stages to play. These stages do not require stamina to play; each stage can be played 5 times for free per day.

This event will require that your scores be in a specific range of your opponent’s. Special thanks to Solori for the outfit recommendation translations from 4399 News!

You will be able to complete the full Sly Angel with the free chances given daily, and require 90 diamonds to complete the full White Demon (with the discount applied to either). To complete both sets, it will require at least 2130 diamonds if you use all your free attempts through the duration of the event to complete White Demon at 50% off.

Outfit Recommendations

Stage 1
  • Hair: Long-hair Doll (6-8 Maiden S Rank)
  • Dress: Hibernation (Recipe)
  • Coat: Nanny’s Gift (Store – 15816 Gold)
  • Hosiery: Fresh Socks (Store – 25 Diamonds) and Cloud Walk (3-4 Maiden)
  • Shoes: Fresh Snow Boots (Store – 7895 Gold)
  • Earrings: Snow Pompon Big (Store – 880 Gold)
  • Note: Only use Smile when your opponent uses Critical Eye, otherwise do not use any other skill! Do not use other skills! Do not use other skills!
  • Required Score Range (for 6 Contracts): 15000 – 25000 Points above opponent’s
Stage 2
  • Hair: Gothic Lolita (Recipe)
  • Dress: Magical Kite Elf (Recipe)
  • Coat: Pink Wings – Rare (Evolve 3-4 Princess Drop)
  • Hosiery: Diva’s Anklet (Store – 8565 Gold)
  • Shoes: Orchid Dream – Rare (Evolve 5-5 Princess Drop)
  • Makeup: Peach Sweetheart (Store – 3885 Gold)
  • Hair Ornaments: Fox Mask (Store – 5828 Gold)
  • Necklace: Magic Flower Necklace (Recipe)
  • Or you can use the entire Gothic Lolita set minus the socks and bracelets.
  • You do not need to use any skills this stage.
  • Required Score Range (for 6 Contracts): 25000-35000 Points above opponent’s
  • Note: If your score is too high, remove the Magic Flower Necklace. If it’s too low, use Smile (sparingly).
Stage 3
  • Hair: Little Nurse
  • Dress: Angel in White
  • Hosiery: Nurse Stocking
  • Shoes: Nurse Shoes
  • Required Score Range (for 6 Contracts): 10000-20000 Points above opponent’s Do not use any skills.
  • Note: You can use the entire Angel in White set, however the score errs on the high side which is why it’s recommended to remove the hat and gloves. If your score is a bit low, you can use Smile or add either the hat or gloves.
Stage 4
  • Hair: Marionette Black (Store – 4150 Gold)
  • Coat: Montague Prince
  • Dress: Nikki’s Dance (Story Mode)
  • Hosiery: Marine Flower Rare (Evolve 5-4 Princess Drop)
  • Hosiery: Studded Sock Welts
  • Makeup: Pigeon Maid (Store – 28 Diamonds)
  • Bracelet: Cross Bracelet
  • Necklace: Oceanic Pearl Rare
  • Face: Guardian Time
  • Required Score Range (for 6 Contracts): 20000-30000 Points above opponent’s Do not use any skills.
Stage 5
  • Hair: Silver-wings Hero (Store – 4134 Gold)
  • Dress: Goddess Realm (Store – 7148 Gold)
  • Coat: Trimmed T-shirt (1-8 Maiden)
  • Hosiery: Studded Sock Welts(Store – 3039 Gold)
  • Left Bracelet: Cross Bracelet (Store – 1880 Gold)

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