Art of War

September 25 - October 12

Art of War

September 25 - October 12

(DISCLAIMER: The information in this guide is based off previous versions of Love Nikki. Information is subject to change between versions, so take this guide with a grain of salt until our version of the event is released and we can confirm info. This disclaimer will be removed once we are reasonably sure this guide is complete. Thank you for understanding.)


Art of War will run from September 25th 05:00 LNST to October 12th 23:59 LNST. It features the Flashing Wind, Poised Forest, Invading Fire, Firm Mountain, and Prosperous Reign suits along with their respective backgrounds. A brief rundown of the event:

  • During the event, take the warfare quiz to obtain an event avatar crafting recipe. The recipe you receive depends on your quiz answers. Refer to the guide below for quiz choices. Other War Spirit recipes can be obtained in Users Shop during the event. Collect Jade Token for crafting.
  • The event is played as an event-limited pavilion, like those seen in the Mystery House. Pay diamonds to receive prizes such as gold, stamina, diamonds, and treasured set pieces.
  • 30 diamonds are required for one pull. You can also pay 300 diamonds to pull 10 times at once, and pay 1500 diamonds to pull 50 times.
  • Each play will give you 1 Inscription in addition to the pavilion’s random prizes. You will obtain a random event set once you obtain 80, 190, 310, 430, and 520 Inscriptions.
  • Prosperous Reign is exclusively obtained in the last node of 520 Inscriptions.
  • After completing an event set, you can collect the dress-up background for free through the suit completion rewards.
  • To obtain all 5 sets, you will need 15060 diamonds.

Warfare quiz and set breakdowns, including stats, are available below. This guide will be updated once the event is released in LN; check back often and e-mail if you have any additions!

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Warfare Test

Wind War
“The taste of war is so wonderful, don’t you try it?”
Feeling full of strength, I can’t help but join the battle.
There is no reason, I just like to fight.
Forest To attack
“You should have stood with me, my sister.”
To protect the weaker side.
For the people I want to protect, I must fight.
Fire To conquer
“What I want, I will get it myself.”
The young lady who just spoke to me was very good looking, and I helped her to deal with other people.
I fight for everything I want.
Mountain Valor
“The battle lasts until the death.”
Life is precious, and the gods watch us fight.
I will put my life and death out of the way; fighting is my mission.

Suit Breakdowns

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