(DISCLAIMER: The information in this guide is based off previous versions of Love Nikki. Information is subject to change between versions, so take this guide with a grain of salt until our version of the event is released and we can confirm info. This disclaimer will be removed once we are reasonably sure this guide is complete. Thank you for understanding.)

The Christmas event will run from December 22nd 05:00 LNST to December 26th 23:59 LNST. It features the Christmas Adventure and Rondo of Snowy Night sets. The event is played through normal Journey stages, either Maiden or Princess.

A brief rundown of the event:

  • Play normal Journey stages, either Maiden or Princess, and Snow Bells will randomly drop from those stages. Snow Bells are then converted to suit packages, and after collecting certain amounts of Gift Boxes, players will obtain parts of the event sets.
  • 4 Snow Bells are needed to obtain one Christmas Adventure package; 6 Snow Bells are needed to obtain one Rondo of Snowy Night package.
  • Snow Bells can be converted to packages 5 times a day for free. More packages can be converted at 24 diamonds per conversion.
  • 53 packages are required to complete either set – a total of 530 Snow Bells for both sets.
  • 25 packages can be obtained for free during the event. You will need 1944 diamonds to obtain both sets, and 672 diamonds for only one set.

The following are available below: a stamina breakdown and set breakdowns with suits. This guide will be updated once the event is released in LN; check back often and e-mail lovenikkiworld@gmail.com if you have any additions!

Will I Have Enough Stamina?

Because the event is based on random drops, you might be worried if you’ll have enough stamina to collect enough ingredients. Over the course of the event, you can gain stamina from the following:

  • Recharging over time: 288 stamina per 24 hours
  • Daily rewards: 90 stamina per day from log-in stamina rewards at 12:00-14:00 LNST and 21:00 LNST, plus an extra 30 stamina on weekends
  • Daily quests: 44 stamina per day
  • Gifted from friends: 50 stamina per day
  • Sharing (obtaining a 3+ heart item): 6 stamina per day
  • Association-gifted: up to 35 stamina per day, depending on Association’s total scores
  • Styling Contest votes: 4 to 6 stamina randomly dropped from boxes, 1 box per 10 votes
  • Excluding V-level-associated stamina gifts, stamina from the monthly sign-in calendar, and Styling Contest rewards, you can gain up to 513 stamina per day. Throughout the course of the event, you can gain a total of 2565 stamina, not including stamina gained from Competition voting, monthly sign-in, or V-level rewards. This is enough to play Maiden stages 641 times, or Princess stages (potentially) 427 times.

Suit Breakdowns

Christmas Adventure

TOTAL 212 Snow Bells (53 Boxes)

  • Hair: Christmas Elves (Cute, Pure) – 13 Boxes
    • A; S; SS; SS; A;
  • Dress: Christmas Tree (Cute, Pure)
    • S; A; SS; SS; A;
  • Coat: Christmas Snow (Lively, Cute)
    • A; SS; SS; A; S;
  • Hosiery: Holy Night Light (Lively, Pure) – 4 Boxes
    • S; SS; S; S; A
  • Shoes: Holy Night Journey (Lively, Cute) – 25 Boxes
    • S; SS; S; A; A
  • Hair Ornament: Christmas Star Hat (Lively, Cute) – 19 Boxes
    • S; SS; SS; A; A
  • Handheld (Right): XMas Gift (Gorgeous, Lively) – 7 Boxes
    • SS; SS; S; A; A
  • Necklace: Holy Night Star Bell (Lively, Cute)
    • A; SS; SS; A; S
  • Background: Xmas Fireplace (Gorgeous, Lively) – 53 Boxes
    • SS; SS; A; A; S
  • Makeup: Holy Night Snow Eye (Lively, Cute)
    • A; SS; SS; A; A;
  • Coat: Christmas Adventure (Lively, Cute) – Suit Completion Reward
    • A; SS; SS; A; A;

Rondo of Snowy Night

TOTAL 318 Snow Bells (53 Boxes)

  • Hair: Ice Star Hair (Elegance, Mature)
    • A; SS; SS; A; A
  • Dress: Icy Sweet Fairyland (Gorgeous, Elegance)
    • SS; SS; S; A; A;
  • Coat: Snow Cloak (Gorgeous, Elegance)
    • SS; SS; B; A; S;
  • Shoes: Crystal Shoes (Elegance, Mature)
    • A; S; SS; A; A
  • Hair Ornament: Ice Flower Cream (Elegance, Pure)
    • A; S; S; SS; A
  • Handheld (Left): Snow Night Lantern (Elegance, Pure)
    • A; SS; A; SS; A;
  • Background: Snow Bell Deer Shadow (Gorgeous, Elegance)
    • SS; S: A; A; A;

Item information sourced from Nikki’s Info.

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